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The non-profit organization was formed in 2001 to promote and encourage and sustain all extra-curricular activities within the Shelbyville school system.

The Foundation’s initial goal in 2001 was to raise a total of $180,000 with $60,000 a year over a three-year period that was promised to the school to keep all extra-curricular activities in place.

The Shelbyville school board had contemplated the cutting of programs and reduction of coaches for sports. At that time, the extra-curricular budget was $225,000 and the budget was cut to $120,000.

In 2001, after the Foundation was formed, letters were sent out to alumni and Foundation organizers were able to collect $12,000 to keep all extra-curricular activities in place.

Throughout the past few years, activities where organizers have raised money to be able to support the school system have included a Holiday dance and auction, hog roast at the football games, Rams Royal Raffle, Spirit Store at the games, selling umbrellas and cushions and clapper’s beads and much more such as 50/50 tickets at football games and basketball games and also Junior High sporting events.

The Booster Club also has received many Memorials and wish to commend the families and the wishes of many to help local children.

Other Booster activities have included students and parents helping keep score at the State Horseshoe contest, and an auction was held to sell off many old school items to help raise money for the Boosters.

The Boosters continue to operate concession stands at track, baseball and junior high events.

Booster organizers encourage the parents of Junior High participants of extra-curricular activities to become members of the Boosters.
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